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This monogram was a fun design. I took the the first letter of the couple's first names and the first letter of their last name and I made them into a goblet with a saucer. The body of the cup is made of the Gimmel for their last name. The saucer is made of the Sammach, the first letter of one of the first names. The Aleph, the first letter of the other first name, is the top of the cup, or the liquid in the cup, how ever you choose to see it.
This monogram was also a fun design. For this couple, I decided to put their letter into a candle. I took the Mem for the woman's first name, and the Sin for the man's first name, and formed a candle. Then, I made the Aleph for the last name into the flame atop the candle.
This monogram is one of my favorites. The couple for whom I made this have an incredible love for Israel and asked that I incorporate that into their monogram. So I did. I took the first letter of all their names and arranged them to form a map of Israel. The large Lamed forming Israel’s western border is for the couple’s last name. The Nun and the Chet in the south stand for the woman's first and middle names. The Lamed Yud Mem going up the eastern border to the Golan stand for the man’s first and middle names.









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